Path Biker - FAQs

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How safe is Vietnam?
Vietnam's rich heritage has been overlooked by most westerners due to a brief turbulent period in the late 20th century. However, Vietnam has a long fascinating history and an extraordinarily refined culture.  Vietnam is considered one of the world's safest destinations for travelers and the Vietnamese are an extremely warm and friendly people.

What cycling skills do I need?
Please refer to the biking grade to select an itinerary that best suit your level of fitness and cycling skills. There is always an air conditioned support vehicle nearby and you are welcome to climb in whenever you like.  We stop frequently to enjoy the sites and the scenery.

How are our cycling tours graded?
These are active holidays and it is very important you choose an itinerary that is right for you. To help you do this we give each of our cycling holidays a grade. Please make sure that you have understood the activity you are undertaking and the requirements of the cycling holiday.

If you can ride a bike and enjoy gentle exercise then these are an ideal introduction to a cycling holiday. Unfortunately no routes are entirely flat, so expect some short climbs and descents. Maximum daily height gain is approximately 250 meters and daily distances rarely exceed 50 km (32 miles); longer days are optional.

Most people who enjoy a weekend riding on either trails or roads at home will enjoy a B-grade trip. You need to be in good health and reasonably fit. Ideal for occasional cyclists, or as a more relaxed trip for fitter riders. B-grade off-road trips require no previous experience. Distances on road trips rarely exceed 70 km (43 miles) per day.

For any ride at this level, fitness is important. C-grade trips require confidence in your own ability and physical condition. They are equivalent to an extended period of cycling at home. Previous mountain biking experience is preferable, but not essential, for C-grade off-road trips as they will involve some technical riding.

At this level previous experience of the cycling style or surface is a must. These routes have long cycling days and tougher terrain on both road and off-road trips. You need complete confidence in your fitness and technical ability to cope with difficult or steep terrain, rough surfaces and longer distances. Ideal for those seeking a challenge!

What cycling gear is included?
All the cycling trips include high quality bicycles produced by the world’s leading manufacturers such as Trek (USA), Cannondale (USA) or similar, helmets and cycling water bottle.

What cycling gear do I need?
Synthetic, cotton or merino wool tops will be perfect for cycling , especially when it's hot . Shorts (could be padded) will also be great as it will almost certainly be too hot for cycling in trousers. Stiff sole shoes are in general better for cycling but you could also go for sandals. A lightweight windbreaker (or water-resistant/proof top) may come in handy in the unlikely event of a spell of bad weather; however, in case of rain you may well prefer being wet from the rain rather than your own perspiration inside a jacket.

Can I bring my own saddle and pedals?
Yes. All the bikes are adaptable to be fitted with personalized bike parts. The support team accompanying the group will be able help with any bike alterations or damage to the bike along the entire trip.

Is there much traffic?
We have designed our routes to to take advantage of the most scenic back roads and countryside paths possible and avoid bustling highways. However, you will encounter traffic. Most vehicles in Vietnam are small motorcycles. We will give a full briefing on road safety and cycling etiquette before you begin pedaling.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
We strongly suggest purchasing  travel insurance. To get a comparative analysis of the top insurance providers go to For a specific recommendation, consider Travel Guard International,